Douglas Adams: Hermes 8
Joy Adamson: Remington portable no. 1
Woody Allen: Olympia SM3 (story)
Joseph Alsop (columnist): Royal 10 (1939 photo); Underwood Standard SX-100, ca. 1950-52 (Jan. 1968 photo)
Jorge Amado: Royal portable
Kingsley Amis: Adler office typewrier (mentioned in Paris Review, Art of Fiction No. 59 and Amis’ The King’s English)
Roald Amundsen: folding Erika (in Polar Museum, Tromsø, Norway)
Julie Andrews: IBM Selectric I
John Ashbery: Royal Aristocrat; Royal KMM (in Judith Krementz’s The Writer’s Desk, 1995)
Isaac Asimov: pink Selectric (on cover of his Opus 200)
Paul Auster: Olympia SM 9 (There’s a book about Auster’s Olympia.)
Letitia Baldrige: IBM Model C (photo ca. 1961)
James Baldwin: Adler office typewriter
J.G. Ballard: Olympia SM 9
L. Frank Baum: Smith Premier
Betsy Beaton (author, Nov 1948): Underwood standard No. 6
Brendan Behan: Remington portable no. 2
Saul Bellow: Royal KMG
Stephen Vincent Benet: duotone 1920s Remington portable
Ingrid Bergman: Smith-Corona Skyriter
Enid Blyton: Imperial Good Companion
Erma Bombeck: IBM Selectric I
Bill Boni (WWII correspondent): Remington noiseless portable
Ray Bradbury: 1947 Royal KMM #3756210 (in Steve Soboroff’s collection), IBM Selectric, IBM Wheelwriter
Barbara Taylor Bradford: IBM Wheelwriter (story)
Marlon Brando: Royal De Luxe
Bertolt Brecht: Erika
Poppy Z. Brite: Smith-Corona Sterling Electric 12 (used to write Lost Souls; photo from eBay auction by Brite herself in 2013)
Joseph Brodsky: Hermes Baby or Rocket
Gwendolyn Brooks: Underwood 6
Richard Brooks (director): Royal KMM, Royal portable (’30s-’40s)
Helen Gurley Brown: Remington Rand, L.C. Smith 1930s/40s, Royal (Empress?)
John Brunner: Smith-Corona electrics (marked “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE STUPIDITY OF EDITORS”)
Pearl Buck (novelist, Jan 1965): Royal KMM Standard, 1940s
Charles Bukowski: Royal HH, Underwood Standard, Olympia SG
George Burns: Royal HH
William S. Burroughs: 1950s, various typewriters, since he was constantly pawning them; many of his manuscripts were done on a Remington; Naked Lunch typed from handwritten notes by Kerouac, presumably on Kerouac’s Underwood; Hermes Rocket (photo Oct. 1959); Antares (Burroughs shoots up as the Antares watches); Facit Portable (1965 Paris Review interview); Olympia SG1 (cover of Word Virus anthology, 1970s photo); Olivetti Studio 44(1980s?). See Naked Lunch for Burroughs’ imaginary typewriters.
Robert Olen Butler: Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve (two-tone blue)
Herb Caen: Royal FP desk model – “The Loyal Royal”
Maria Callas: Royal HH
Stephen J. Cannell: IBM Selectric II or III
Truman Capote: Royal HH
Robert Caro: Smith Corona Electra 210 (“Caro has nine spares that he can cannibalize for parts, and he collects ribbon like a hoarder.” More here in Esquire, and here’s a New York Times story about Caro and his writing habits, illustrated with a slide show.)
Lewis Carroll: Hammond no. 1, received on May 3, 1888, used to write a mathematical treatise and some letters (story here)
Rachel Carson (Environmentalist, Jan 1952): Royal Quiet Deluxe, 1940s
Blaise Cendrars (Swiss/French modernist): Remington No. 1 portable (his poem “baggage”, written in the early 1920s and published in 1925, notes that he traveled to Brazil with “My Remington Portable latest model”)
Raymond Chandler: Underwood Noiseless
Paddy Chayefsky (playwright, May 1954): Underwood Standard Model 6, ca. 1946
John Cheever: Underwood Champion ca. 1940 (quite beat up in photo from 1971, from The Writer’s Desk); Olivetti (Lettera 32?)
Claire Chennault (US general, June1957): Royal Quiet Deluxe portable, ca. 1957
Agatha Christie: Remington Portable No. 2, Remington Victor T (British version of the streamlined model 5 portable)
Arthur C. Clarke: Remington Noiseless Deluxe
Leonard Cohen: Olivetti Lettera 22 (story)
Dan Cook, sports writer: Royal 10
Alistair Cooke: Royal Quiet DeLuxe
Francis Ford Coppola: Olivetti Lettera 32
Norman Corwin, radio writer: Royal KMM (1973 photo)
Noel Coward: Royal KHM
Quentin Crisp: Remington portable #3
Walter Cronkite: Smith-Corona ’60s/’70s electric portable
Bing Crosby: Royal portable (1920s)
e.e. cummings: 1940s Smith-Corona Clipper
Bette Davis: Remington Noiseless Portable
Don Delillo: Olympia SM3 DeLuxe
Gwen Dew: Hermes Baby (called “Tappy”)
John Dewey: Underwood (Master?)
Daphne DuMaurier: Underwood portable
Philip K. Dick: Hermes Rocket, Olympia SG3
Joan Didion: Royal KMG
Joe DiMaggio: flat-top maroon Corona Sterling (auctioned Dec. 2011)
Stephen Dixon: Hermes Standard
Arthur Conan Doyle: Underwood (no. 5?)
Marguerite Duras: Olivetti MP1
Bob Dylan: Royal Caravan, Olivetti Lexikon 80, and on at least one occasion, an Olympia SG1 (watch him typing here while Joan Baez sings)
Roger Ebert: Underwood 150
Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Royal Futura
T.S. Eliot: Smith-Corona speedline black matte Sterling
Harlan Ellison: Remington Rand 1940s portable, Olympia SG 3 (read an interview with Ellison that explains why he writes only on manual typewriters)
Ralph Ellison: early 1940s Royal Arrow, Olivetti Studio 44, IBM Selectric
Stanley Elkin: Remington portable no. 2
Douglas Fairbanks: Underwood 5
Hans Fallada: Columbia Bar-Lock, Remington portable (no. 3?)
Howard Fast: 1937 office Underwood, 1949 Olympia
William Faulkner: Royal KHM, Remington Noiseless desktop, 1930s Underwood portable photo 1 (in California), photo 2 (recent photo of an Underwood used by Faulkner)
M. F. K. Fisher: Underwood (no. 5?), Smith-Corona Galaxie-series portable
Ian Fleming: Royal portables (one was gold-plated), Triumph Gabriele (1950s), Olympia SF
Frederick Forsyth: Hermes Baby or Empire Aristocrat (1970 photo), unidentified electronic typewriter (photo 1, photo 2)
Janet Frame: Brother DeLuxe 1350
Pope Francis I: electric Olivetti
Jonathan Franzen: Silver-Reed (for The Twenty-Seventh City)
Ian Frazier: various Olympias
Stephen Fry: Hermes 3000 (at least for the play “Latin! Or Tobacco and Boys”; see vol. 2 of The Fry Chronicles)
William Gaddis: portable manual Olympia
Erle Stanley Gardner: Underwood 5
David Gerrold: 1966 IBM Selectric
William Gibson: Hermes 2000
Allen Ginsberg: Remington portable no. 5; Smith Corona Electra (in the 1980s)
Nikki Giovanni: Smith Corona Coronet electric portable
Susan Glaspell and George Cram Cook (founders of Provincetown Players): Oliver 5 (?)
John Howard Griffin: Underwood electric (1956 photo; Griffin was blind during this period)
Matt Groening: Hermes Rocket
Alex Haley: IBM Electric Model C
Dashiell Hammett: Royal De Luxe
Tom Hanks: Smith-Corona Clipper (also collects other portables)
Bill Heinz (sports writer, war correspondent): Remington portable #3
Joseph Heller: Smith Corona Classic 1960s portable
Ernest Hemingway: Corona 3 (story here), Underwood Noiseless Portable (photo 1, photo 2 1944), various Royal portables (including a Royal Arrow and Royal P #P207059), Halda portable model P
Katherine Hepburn: Royal De Luxe
James Herriot: Olivetti Lettera 32
Hermann Hesse: Smith Premier No. 4 (with italic type, used from about 1908 to 1942); Remington Noiseless; Remington Quiet-Riter (another photo)
Thor Heyerdahl: Hermes Featherweight (picture on board the Kon-Tiki; the typewriter may actually have belonged to fellow Kon-Tiki voyager Knut Haugland); Olivetti Studio 44 (used to write the book)
Marguerite Higgins (war correspondent): Hermes Baby; Underwood Master; Erika no. 5
Patricia Highsmith: Olympia SM3
Alger Hiss (Jan. 1950): Woodstock standard #230099, 1929
Alfred Hitchcock: ’30s black Underwood Champion portable
Ho Chi Minh: Hermes Baby
L. Ron Hubbard: LC Smith 5
Langston Hughes: Remington portable #1, Remington Noiseless Portable
Aldous Huxley: Remington portable no. 5 (streamlined with touch regulator)
Eugene Ionesco: Hermes 3000, rounded style
John Irving: IBM Selectric
James Jones: Voss
Thom Jones: old Royal portable
Theodore Kaczynski (Unabomber): Smith-Corona flattop portable, Montgomery Ward Signature portable #F0670339
Franz Kafka: Oliver 5 (according to Heinz Nixdorf Museums-Forum in Paderborn, Germany, when they put on an exhibit of typewriters)
Erich Kästner: Gossen Tippa
George S. Kaufman: L. C. Smith (pictured with Moss Hart)
Buster Keaton: Blickensderfer no. 5
Harry Stephen Keeler: L.C. Smith with carriage return lever on right
O. B. “Pop” Keeler (sportswriter): Underwood desktop
Ruby Keeler (acress, singer, dancer): Royal 2-tone portable, 1920s
Helen Keller: Hammond; L.C. Smith no. 5
Murray Kempton: Royal KMM
Jackie Kennedy: Underwood Noiseless standard; Royal electric (photo 1, photo 2)
John F. Kennedy (at Harvard): Underwood Noiseless Standard ca. 1940
Jack Kerouac: Underwood portable (On the Road was typed on a continuous roll of paper on this machine); curvy Hermes 3000 (auctioned by Christie’s in 2010)
Rudyard Kipling: Remington Noiseless (in late life)
Austin Kiplinger (journalist and financial expert): 1940s Underwood standard (2010 photo)
P. F. Kluge: 1920s-30s Royal desktops and some others (see photo)
Stanley Kubrick: Adler Tippa S
Ann Landers (Esther Lederer) (Jan. 1957): Olivetti Lettera 22
Ring Lardner: Royal No 10
Stan Laurel: Olympia SM3 or SM4 (in the ’50s and ’60s)
Gypsy Rose Lee (striptease dancer and writer): Royal portable (1949 photo); IBM model 01 (1956 photo, later photo)
Laurie Lee: folding Corona 3
Stanislaw Lem: Remington noiseless portable (and others)
John Lennon: Imperial portable model T #2HJ 786 (in Steve Soboroff’s collection)
Elmore Leonard: Olympia SG3 (1983, 1992), IBM Wheelwriter
David Letterman: Royal Empress
Sinclair Lewis: Fox standard, Corona 3, Underwood 6, Remington Noiseless Portable
Clarice Lispector: ’50s Underwood portable
Alan Lomax: Hermes 2000
Jack London: Standard Folding, Bar-Lock no. 10 #980808
H. P. Lovecraft: 1904 Remington Standard (understroke)
Morris Lurie: Hermes 3000, Olivetti portable
Bernard Malamud (1971): Hermes 2000
David Malouf: Erika
David Mamet: Smith-Corona portable, IBM Selectric
Javier Marías: Olympia Carrera de Luxe (his article about it in Spanish is here)
William Maxwell (New Yorker fiction editor): SCM Coronamatic electric with 11″ carriage
John Mayer: Brother daisywheel electronic
Cormac McCarthy: blue Olivetti Lettera 32 (New York Times story)
Mary McCarthy: Remington portable no. 3 (Dec. 1943 photo)
Carson McCullers: Underwood Standard, 1930s; Olympia SM3 (1961)
David McCullough: Royal De Luxe, Royal KMM (1981 photo, circa 2002 photo) (Levenger’s offers a typewriter bookend modeled on McCullough’s KMM. Read about McCullough and his KMM on the Levenger’s blog, and read his own typed account of why he loves his typewriter in these three parts: one, two, three.)
Kevin McGowin (American writer and teacher): Underwood #5, Underwood Standard 1930s, Olivetti Lettera 22/32, Olympia SM3/4
Russell McLauchlin (Detroit News drama critic): Remington 12 (?)
Iris Murdoch: Bijou (Erika)
Larry McMurtry: Hermes 3000 (he thanked his typewriter at the 2006 Golden Globes).
Terrence McNally: Olympia SG3
H.L.Mencken: Remington Standard understroke (#6 or 7?), LC Smith 5, Corona folding, Remington Noiseless Portable
James Merrill (American poet): IBM Selectric
Grace Metalious: Royal desktop
James Michener: Olympia SM; Olympia SG3 (1974)
Arthur Miller bought a used Smith-Corona portable in the late ’30s (for one anonymous contest, he submitted a play that he said was “by Corona.”). When he became more successful, he switched to a Royal desktop machine. He wrote his later plays on an IBM desktop computer. (Arthur Miller: His Life and Work, by Martin Gottfried, p. 26, 112, and 381.)
Margaret Mitchell: Remington portable #3, Underwood #5
Gerald Murnane: Remington Monarch (machine #1, machine #2), Adler Standard (video here)
F. W. Murnau: Remington portable no. 2 (1931 photo)
Jim Murray: Remington 17 (1945)
Edward R. Murrow: ’40s Royal Quiet DeLuxe
David Niven (1950): Royal Quiet DeLuxe, 1940s
Richard Nixon: L.C. Smith
Joyce Carol Oates: SCM Smith Corona Electra 220
Flann O’Brien: 1916 Underwood no. 3 #14″/178622
Sean O’Casey: Continental
Flannery O’Connor: Remington Deluxe Noiseless Portable, “1941 line”
Clifford Odets (1962): Royal Quiet DeLuxe, ca. 1957
J.C. Oldfield (editor of the Associated Press’s London bureau, 1930s): Woodstock
Walter J. Ong, SJ: Smith-Corona Classic 12
Roy Orbison: Underwood TM5
Joe Orton: Adler
George Orwell: Remington Home Portable (name variant of the #3)
Ruth Park: Underwood Golden Touch Universal
Dorothy Parker: Smith Corona black matte Sterling (photo 1941)
Pier Paolo Pasolini: Olivetti Lettera 22
Georges Perec used three typewriters in his life: an Underwood 5 (undoubedly aware of its unique non-uniqueness, he dubbed it an ‘Underwood Four Million’), an IBM Selectric, and an Olivetti ET 221 (source: Georges Perec: a life in words, by David Bellos, p. 262.)
Fernando Pessoa: Royal 10 with double glass windows
Rosamunde Pilcher (1990): 1970s Hermes 3000
Luigi Pirandello: Underwood portable (photo of Pirandello dictating to himself)
Pope Pius XII: Olivetti Studio 42 (On cover of 1946 TIME magazine)
Sylvia Plath: Royal HH, Olivetti Lettera 32 #C8850 (UK made), Hermes 2000, Hermes 3000 #3011432 (1959)
George Plimpton: Underwood Standard 1947-50 black Rhythm Touch
Louis Pollack (screenwriter): Royal desktop
Katherine Anne Porter: IBM Selectric
Ezra Pound (May 1940): Everest 90 portable
Anthony Powell (1973): Olympia SM 8
J.B. Priestley: Imperial Good Companion
James Purdy (American novelist): Olivetti Lettera 32
Ernie Pyle: Corona 3; Remington Noiseless (photo 1, photo 2)
Thomas Pynchon: Olivetti portable
Ayn Rand: Royal 10
Grantland Rice: Royal 10
Robby the Robot (from “Forbidden Planet”): Remington Super-Riter
Harold Robbins: IBM Selectric II, IBM Wheelwriter III
Tom Robbins: Remington SL3
Roy Rogers (publicity shot when young): Remington Noiseless standard, early 1940s, black&shiny, bakelite keys, spool crank
Will Rogers: Remington portable #3
Philip Roth (Dec 1968): Olivetti Lettera 32
Damon Runyon: Underwood 6
Françoise Sagan: 1950s Smith-Corona portable
Carl Sandburg: Underwood 5
José Saramago: Hermes 2000
William Saroyan: Fox
Arnold Schönberg: ca. 1933 Smith-Corona portable
David Sedaris: IBM Selectric II
Will Self: Groma Kolibri
Rod Serling: Royal KMM
Anne Sexton: Royal Quiet Deluxe
George Bernard Shaw (in later life): Remington Noiseless Portable #N40911 (in Steve Soboroff’s collection)
Irwin Shaw (American playwright and novelist): Olivetti 45
Sam Shepard: ’60s Hermes 3000
Jerry Siegel (co-creator of Superman): ’30s Royal portable
Georges Simenon: Royal 10
Neil Simon: Olympia SM9
Upton Sinclair: Underwood 6
Isaac Bashevis Singer: Remington #3 portable; Remington portable #5 flat top (1978 photo); Hebrew Underwood Universal, 1940s
Red Smith: Olympia SM7
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Rheinmetall KsT portable (in photo with Solzhenitsyn), Erika 10 portable (on display at Solzhenitsyn Foundation in Moscow)
Mickey Spillane: L.C. Smith Standard Super Speed (1952 photo 1, photo 2, typewriter as offered on eBay in 2010)
Jean Stafford: ’30s Royal portable
Christina Stead: Royal KMM
Danielle Steel: Olympia SG1
Wallace Stegner: Olympia SG1
John Steinbeck: Hermes Baby, IBM Model C (Executive?)
Robert Louis Stevenson: Hammond
I.F. Stone (independent journalist): desktop Remington ca. 1930
Joe Strummer: Remington Envoy III
William Styron: SCM Smith Corona Electra 210
Jacqueline Susann: Olympia SG1
John Cameron Swayze: Cole-Steel
John Millington Synge: Blickensderfer #5
Gay Talese: Olivetti Lettera 22
Studs Terkel: Remington 17 or KMC
Dylan Thomas: Imperial Good Companion (story)
Dorothy Thompson: Royal 10
Hunter S. Thompson: Olympia SF, IBM Selectric, IBM Wheelwriter

James Thurber: Underwood #5
J.R.R. Tolkien: Hammond
Mark Twain: Sholes & Glidden, Hammond no. 2
John Updike: Olivetti MP1 portable; Olivetti Linea 88 (in 1990s photo); Olympia 65C electric #183017 (auctioned at Christie’s, 2010; now in Steve Soboroff’s collection)
Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby): IBM Model B electric (1962 photo)
Gore Vidal: Olivetti Lettera 22, Smith-Corona portable, Olivetti Lettera 35
Kurt Vonnegut: Smith-Corona Courier, Smith-Corona Coronamatic 2200
David Foster Wallace: Smith-Corona
Tom Waits: Underwood no. 5
David Foster Wallace: Smith-Corona (model information needed)
Robert Penn Warren: Olympia SM3, Hermes Ambassador
Orson Welles: ’20s woodgrain Underwood portable
Eudora Welty: Royal Standard HH
Donald Westlake: Smith-Corona Silent-Supers
E.B. White: Underwood (no. 5?); Underwood Standard Rhythm Touch; Underwood Quiet Tab Deluxe
Patrick White: Optima portable
Richard Wilbur (poet laureate, b. 1921): 1920s (?) L.C. Smith
Tennessee Williams: 1936 Corona Junior (in Steve Soboroff’s collection), Corona Sterling, mid-1940s, Royal KMM, Olivetti Studio 44 (picture 1, picture 2), Remington portable #5 flat top, Remington Standard M, 1960s (1972 photo). (This man loved to have himself photographed with his writing machines!)
William Carlos Williams: Underwood standard (no. 5?), Royal HH
Woodrow Wilson: Hammonds (including a Multiplex and a green aluminum Multiplex)
P.G. Wodehouse: Monarch; 1940s Royal desktop (bought reluctantly when the Monarch died); Royal standard electric (1973 photo)
Tom Wolfe: Underwood (1966)
Richard Wright: ca. 1940 Royal Arrow (1945 photo)


* * *
Escritores y sus máquinas de escribir. Écrivains et leurs machines à écrire. Escriptors i les seves màquines d’escriure. Schriftsteller und ihre Schreibmaschinen. Scrittori e le loro macchine da scrivere. 作家とそのタイプライター. 작가 자신의 타자기. 作家和他们的打字机. Schrijvers en hun schrijfmachines. Escritores e suas máquinas de escrever. Писатели и их машинки. Yazarlar ve daktilolar


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