Art & criticism by eric wayne

Arousing-Curiosity-2-copy “Arousing Curiosity”, 2011–13, Oil on canvas, 124 x 80 inches (315 x 203 cm). Click to see larger image.

Recently I’ve been slugging hard at why the Koons phenomena is all hype and no substance – the cotton candy of the art world – but then I discovered his paintings, which are much less known than his sculptures, and to my surprise in his newer ones he’s attempting to be more aesthetically complex, nuanced, cohesive, and even to slip in some substance.

I wrote about my favorite of his paintings in a much longer piece, which deconstructs them, and I fear most people will never scroll down that far. So this is an excerpt focusing on just one painting, but expanded to have details of the image. If you haven’t read that piece, and don’t know much about his paintings, you just need to know that he first makes…

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