2013 the Moderna Museet in Stockolm organized an exhibition which was promoted as a kind of boxing fight between the two masters of the XXth century: Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp.

I found some interesting thoughts about the dichotomy between the reception of the two figures and theirworks.

Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp should regard in a short list as greatest artists of all-time. The latter is the most influential artist of the 20th century by a mile. If you poll the ten best living American artists today, a least 50% has Duchamp’s DNA.” Du Hoang



“Picasso was in a sense the last great humanist painter. Picasso followed and arguably “closed” the tradition of Renaissance, Romantic and other European art movements that drew their inspiration from the human body, emotional states, spirituality, social and sexual relations and other aspects of social being: in a sense depicting what it means to be human as seen through a social lens.

And, if Picasso marks the end of these traditions, like a second bookend, Duchamp marks the emergence of post-humanist art: Art that is conceptual in origin, provocative and questioning of the very concept of human social existence. Commensurate with that, his work questions concepts of authorship, uniqueness and talent.” Robert Egert


Source: http://www.quora.com/Creative-People-and-Artists/Why-is-Picasso-more-famous-than-Duchamp



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