interesting article about a big robot project to juggle cars.

Art & criticism by eric wayne

robot-juggling-cards The “Bug Juggler” is a leviathan mechanical robot that will juggle Volkswagon Bugs.

Had Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, or Paul McCarthy come up with this, and it were exhibited in front of an art museum, it would be the crowning achievement of their careers. It’s a 70ft robot that juggles Volkswagen Beetles.

When looked at it with the eyes that view giant flower puppies, collosol turds, or mammoth replicas of anatomical educational toy models as high art, the robot with its chugging diesel generators and hydraulic arms hoisting Volkswagen Bugs in the air and catching them with the sound of crushing metal, high above our heads, strikes awe in the heart of the contemporary art aficionado.

koons-McCarthy Jeff Koons “Puppy” (’92). Paul McCarthy “Complex shit” (’08)

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