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This collection of projects contains most of my works produced before, during and after my research about “the irreversible states of the artistic object”.

Dates have been omitted as every project is part of the same research field which hasn’t any linear order, therefore the reader could find himself disorientated by this information.The projects have been conducted in different times and reunified later.

You must avoid approaching this artistic process from a reductionist point of view. If you do so, you will only find pieces; like Marcel Duchamp’s idea of “inframince”, Jacques Derrida’s concept of invisibility, or other loose fundamentals of this research, as well as some science, philosophy and art myths like: subjectivity, objectivity, the observer, the author, the institution, the theory of everything, etc.…

For obvious reasons within the artistic process itself, these approximations to scientific, philosophic and artistic phenomenons are premeditatedly heterogeneous and they consciously shun…

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