Sıla Güven


‘Watch, watch the background! And allow yourself to fully take in everything that resonates within you its gaze as one who attends a concert with a new suit and an open heart with the excitement of listening, to simply listen to all its purity, without wishing, what ever the cost, for the piano or the orchestra to sound like they must represent a particular landscape or the portrait of a general or a scene from history. Often we wish to reduce painting to this mere representation.

Let us learn, then, to look like someone who is attending a concert. In music there are sound shapes, composed in a fragment of time. In painting, visual forms are composed in a piece of space.’

Tàpies wrote in 1967

Joan Miró wrote for him;

‘ The work of Antoni Tàpies is in the tradition of those explosions that from time to time occur in our…

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