With this action you can quickly generate a Color Palette from an image directly in Photoshop. It’s based on the steps presented on this tutorial by sitepoint. But instead of 256 colors, I’ve chosen 20 colors as default in the “Indexed Color” dialogue.

Download: Download file (ZIP file containing the .ATN, action file for Photoshop).


  1. Open a new file with a picture in it.
  2. Run the action. It will start flattening your layers (use a copy of the image to avoid loosing data).
  3. Indexed color dialogue is presented. 20 colors were defined to avoid too much hue variants of the same Swatch. You can increase/reduce the colors to be chosen depending on your needs.



  1. When the Colors are selected you’ll see the Color Table dialogue and there you have to save it manually pressing on the button “SAVE”.


  1. After Saving the file, remember the location you saved it. The Action will open the Load swatch palette dialogue. Switch “Files of type” to Color table (ACT) and look for the file you’ve saved. It will append the swatches to the Swatches palette. If you want to replace the whole Swatch palette, just abort this last step and go to “Replace Swatches” and choose the Color table file.


I hope it improves your workflow. Suggestions are welcome! Leave your comments below.




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