This week I found a great book in the library ‘Six years: the demateralization of the art object from 1966 to 1972’, by Lucy Lippard. The book gives an overview of performance, minimalist, conceptual art and land-art in this period. No theory! The book gives a scrambled overview of publications, articles, bits and pieces of interviews, statements; put together in a seemingly chaotic order.

In the middle this chaotic heap of information I found this beautiful text about Stanley Brouwn – an intriguing Dutch artist, who can be described best as mystical minimalist/conceptualist (or maybe I’m just full of it):

Brouwn, Stanley. Potentiële beginpunten van this way brouwn’s in Hamburg.
Stanley Brouwn began his walking and direction pieces in 1960 in Amsterdam. One of his early projects was an exhibition of all the shoe stores in Amsterdam. An early book was entitled Brouwnhair and each page contained…

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