Historical tales about the capital of the 20th century

Dear audience! Today I’ve finished my 25th update and therefore I have chosen a topic where one can laugh about more easily. Secondly, I would like to announce that the blog won’t be updated weekly anymore, but bi-weekly. As soon as my thesis is finished I will consider updating weekly again!

Deze post verschijnt in het Nederlands op de site van Jonge Historici Schrijven Geschiedenis.

Erste Internationale Dada Messe (Berlin, 1920)

In 1916, when the First World War already took the lifes of countless soldiers, a disreputable art movement with an international character developed in Zürich. The artists said they were non-conventional and that they opposed all traditions. They legitimised their revolutionary opinion by the aversion of WWI and it had anarchistic characteristics. This movement called itself Dada – an innocent word for likewise baby’s. Within a few years, many Dadaist circles were found in other cities such as Cologne, Paris and New York. Above all…

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One thought on “Dadaism in Berlin. The radical opponents of the establishment and their (un)organised contradictions.

  1. Ha ha! a l’article posa que Gertrud Alexander (un editor del diari comunista “la bandera vermella”) va prohibir a Grosz i Hearfield) que s’anomenessin “comunistes”. Es veu que eren massa radicals pel partit.

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