Two images, from the “Illustrations” part of our reader, that I would like to compare are:

  • The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (Large Glass) by Marcel Duchamp
  • Odalisk (1955) by Robert Rauschenberg

Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass is an abstract painting on 2 glass planes, which was never completed. Duchamp stopped painting entirely in 1923, this happens to be the work during which he decided to quit painting all together. Rauschenberg’s Odalisk is a Combine piece, meaning that it is a combination of mediums of painting and sculpture.

Some obvious differences between these two works are:

  • that one is a painting and one is a Combine
  • the Odalisk  contains lamp like features since it illuminates the paintings of the women on the sides
  • the Large Glass is more abstract

One element that they both share in common is that they both depict a struggle between male and female…

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