“Believe me, one is not robbed when one buys such paintings; it is I who am always robbed because I accept money.” Yves Klein


Marina Abramovic told in an interview that she was influenced by the conception of Immateriality by Yves Klein. It is a performance and a book that enables the buyer of a check to buy a zone of immateriality. The check will be burn and half of the value in form of gold will be dropped in the Seine.

It has been suggested that the work is a response to Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,[17] in which he wrote “The unique value of the ‘authentic’ work of art has its basis in ritual, the location of its original use value.”[18] If so, the Zones directly refute Benjamin’s central argument, that modern mass production can finally “emancipate the work of art from its parasitical dependence on ritual”.



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