Strange Flowers

Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein died 60 years ago today. Time’s short and I can’t begin to do him (or his remarkable family) justice in the few minutes I have to write this, but wanting to mark the day in some way I remembered I had some appropriate photos in my pre-digital image archive (a shoebox full of photos).

They were taken about ten years ago on a grim winter afternoon in Vienna, in the house that the polymath Wittgenstein co-designed for his sister, Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein, in 1926. Another sister, Hermine, told of the rigour with which Ludwig approached his task:

Ludwig designed every window and door, every window-lock and radiator, with as much care and attention to detail as if they were precision instruments, and on a most elegant scale. And then, with his uncompromising energy, he ensured that everything was carried out with the same meticulous care. I can…

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