About Marcel Duchamp


Dear friends of Marcel Duchamp,

I am an artist myself.
You are about to read  1-2-3-DUCHAMP !  a visual analysis of the work and the life of Marcel Duchamp.
You will waste a lot of time doing this because visual analysis means a lot of looking and for Duchamp this needs to be a “retinal” and a “mental”looking.
You will be invited to many games.
I hope they will entertain you like they entertained Duchamp.
You might be shocked but please don’t give up.
You don’t need to read it all thoroughly right away.
You can get acquainted by first strolling through the different chapters.
You find the different chapters in the black menu bar at the top.
You can easily print their conclusions if you click here.
I wish you a playful visual discovery.

Gorik Lindemans

(This research contains obscene images and is not suited for children, whatever their age.)


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