Prince Matila Ghyka summarized the principles of the Phi number in art and nature in his work A Practical Handbook of Geometrical Composition and Design in 1952. An online version can be found as a PDF for download here (english version).

ghyka_harmonic_rectangle ghyka_pentagon_variatons


Salvador Dali Madonna_resize

1949  –  Madonna of Port Lligat  –  Museum of Art  –  Wisconsain  –  49 x 38 cm.


Composition of Madonna of Port Lligat (blending Ghyka Golden Rectancle of p.18 top middle).

Salvador Dalí used this method among others to plan his classical compositions like the old masters did.

He used the Golden pentagon (Ghyka p.11 top left) to build Leda Atomica from 1949. Dalí left some drawings with his compositional approach.


Source: Video Dimension Dali. #5 “Proceso al azar” (Minute 29, Editrama.com)


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