The Big Wheel 1979, Chris Burden.

The Big Wheel is a kinetic sculpture in which the revving of a motorcycle engine sets a massive iron wheel in motion for a protracted two and a half hours, revealing the processes of energy transfer and storage. A sculpture rooted in ideas of performance, a medium that the artist radically explored in his earlier works of the 1970s,The Big Wheel epitomizes Burden’s fascination with modern machinery and 19th-century industry.



El 1957 Achille Castiglioni agafa un seient de bicicleta i el posa sobre una barra.

SELLA, 1957

Cap de Toro, 1943 de Picasso, , sella i manillar de bicicleta, buidats en bronce, Museu Picasso, Paris.


Bycicle Wheel, 1913-14, El 1913 Marcel Duchamp posa una roda de bicicleta sobre un taburet.

Ciclista 1913, Natalia Goncharova.




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