Strikethrough celebrates the 200th post!

blog_200postsStrikethrough started on November 9th 2012 as a dialog between two people. Since then 333 days passed (10 months and 29 days) and we wrote 200 posts. This is an average of 0,6 posts per day.

Our blog increased in page views, visitors, likes, comments and followers. We would like to thank everyone that supports our publication. Please keep coming up to discover new stuff.

Most visited posts

We would like to highlight the most visited posts during the first year of Strikethrough:


Our posts covered among others following celebrities: Àngel Jové, Edward Rusha, John Baldessari, Philip Guston, Fortunato Depero, Fritz Kahn, Guy Debord, H.G. Wells, André Breton, Anish Kapoor, Josep Pedrals, Lee Miller, Pablo Picasso, Francesc Pi de la Serra, Ernest Hemingway, The Beatles, William S. Borroughs, Kurt Cobain, Joaquín Sabina, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, Don Norman, Floquet de neu, Mary Quant, Antoni Llena, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yves Klein, Alice Cooper, Charles Chaplin, Jean-Luc Godard, Javier Mariscal, Joan Brossa, Gandhi, Marinetti, Antoni Tàpies, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Jordi Mollà, John Lennon, Nietzsche, Marina Abramovic, Robert de Niro, Sylvester Stallone, David Bowie, Mariano Zuzunaga, Fernando De Felipe, Kurt Schwitters, Tristan Tzara, Ad Reinhardt, Sol Lewitt, Ai Wei Wei.

Undiscovered posts

These are the best undiscovered posts that are worth reading/watching:


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