Imatges inèdites de la fotògrafa Lee Miller.

1949_PicassoClaude_Miller_Coted'AzurPicasso and his Son Claude. 1949 Cote d’Azur. Photo by Lee Miller


1946_MaxErnst_Tanning_OakCreeekCanyon_LeeMillerMax Ernst and Dorothea Tanning. 1946 Oak Creek Canyon. Photo by Lee Miller


1937_RayAdyFidelin_Mougins_MillerMan Ray and Ady Fidelin. 1937 Mougins. Photo by Lee Miller


1941_CamouflageCar_RolandPenroseLondonCamouflage Car, London. 1941 Phot by Roland Penrose


1955_Enst_HuismesFrance_MillerMax Enst.1955 Huismes, France. Photo by Lee Miller


1940_London_BombDamage_LeeMiller1940, London Bomb Damage. Foto by Lee Miller

1945_BuchenwaldConcentrationCamp_LeeMiller1945, Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Photo by Lee Miller

1937_Picasso_DoraMaar1937 Picasso and Dora Maar. Photo by Lee Miller

More photographs on the Lee Miller Archive.

The Art of Lee Miller


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