Great Quotes by Salvador Dalí


At the time of the troubadours, was to sing the song with mandolin Today has to be the song to jazz and to be heard with the best of instruments The Phonograph”


No, because all the teachers of San Fernando are incompetents to judge me, I decide to retire.


“Artistic”. Horrible word only serves to indicate things that contain Art at all. Artistic performance, artistic photography, artistic advertising, artistic furniture. Horror! Horror! We all agree with the purely industrial object, the dancing and fifth-essence poetry of Buster Keaton’s hat”


La época de los trovadores, era la canción para cantar con mandolina – Hoy tiene que ser la canción para con jazz y para ser oida con el mejor de los instrumentos – “El fonógrafo”


No, ja que tots els professors de San Fernando són incompetens per jutjar-me em retiro.


“Artístic. Horrible paraula que sols serveix per indicar les coses que careixen d’art en absolut. Espectacle artístic, fotografia artística, anunci artístic, moble artístic. Horror! Horror! Tots estem d’acord amb l’objecte purament industrial, el dancing i la poesia quinta esenciada del barretet de Buster Keaton.”


Quotes by Salvador Dalí extracted from Ian Gibson’s biography published in catalan by Editorial Empúries, first edition 1998.

Cites extretes de la biografia de Ian Gibson publicada per Editorial Empúries 1a edició 1998


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